Workshop 1, April 2014

1-day workshop at FNANO14, 13 April 2014

The fellows will participate in the workshop on “Superresolution Fluorescence Imaging” in connection to the FNANO conference.

The scope of this workshop is to provide the participants with the knowledge to choose the superresolution method most appropriate for their specific structure and research interest, which is also very relevant for experiments in the field of DNA nanotechnology.

After the workshop, ESRs will present the progress of their projects followed by discussion at an internal session.

Internal session – chaired by Björn Högberg (KI)

The EScoDNA internal session will take place at 8pm-10pm in the room called “Magpie A” (Cliff Lodge). The room is in the ground level and if you start from the main entrance and walk by the breakfast area you must keep to the right towards the hall with meetings rooms on each side. “Magpie A” is one of the first rooms on the left.

The agenda is as follows:

  • Opening remarks by Kurt
  • EScoDNA News by Lise
  • Fellow presentations:
    • AU: Ilenia ManuguerraSelecting small molecule binders from modified DNA junctions*
    • LMU: Luisa KneerBinding rates and activity of DNA-associated enzymes studied under defined stress exerted in pre-stressed DNA origami structures
    • TUM: Anna KostinaSingle molecule studies of molecular motion and (bio-)chemical reactions on DNA origami platforms
    • KI: Ferenc FördösDNA-protein devices for cell signalling studies
    • UOXF: Michael BoemoComputation by origami-templated molecular motors
  • Closing remarks by Kurt

Remember that the fellow presentations should last no more than 15 minutes.

Lise will be present at Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort from Saturday 12 April at 3pm to Monday 14 April at 1pm.

*The project titles displayed are those stated in Annex I of our grant agreement. The titles of the presentations at this event may be different.

Supervisory board meeting

To be updated soon.