Financial guide

The information on this page is extracted from:

Marie Curie actions FP7 Financial Guidelines 2011

2013 Work Programme People

You can see an example of how to calculate the quantities of the contracts here:

How to make the contracts (ESRs and ERs)

Please, take into account that all the contracts MUST be based on these figures; you can’t pay less than foreseen in the guide / project. If you want to pay more money to your hired researchers (because of internal reasons), you should use your own resources.

Work Programme (WP) 2012-2013 – People. You can see the different correction coefficients here:

– Denmark: 134.1

– Germany: 94.8

– Sweden: 118.6

– United Kingdom: 134.4

As the project was awarded on the 2012 ITN call, the numbers (correction factors, salaries, etc) that apply for the whole duration of the project are those indicated in the WP 2012-2013.

The EU Contribution is made up of 5 different cost categories – read about those here.