Participant Portal

Participant Portal is the FP7 Project online reporting tool

All partners must use the Participant Portal for filling in Declaration of the Conformity, and FORM C in connection to financial reporting.

Terms used below:

Consortium = the association of partners/beneficiaries (AU, TUM, LMU, UOXF, KI, BAS, VIP)

Beneficiary = partner

Organisation = the institution/company of a partner/beneficiary


You get access via the European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS) with your own user name or email address and individual password upon registration.

Notice that each person which are to use the Participant Portal should have a personal login!!

Upon registration you are able to see your ’personal homepage’ and under ’My Projects’ you should be able to see EScoDNA.

– If you do not find EScoDNA just contact Lise and you will be added to the project!


There are two types of roles (see the descriptions below):

Roles - Participant Portal

Project level roles:

Prim. CoCo (Primary Coordinator Contact):The European Commission’s (EC) main contact in the consortium.

  • Can read and change e-forms of his own organisation and the common e-forms of the consortium.
  • Can submit via Participant Portal to EC.
  • Can upload deliverables.
  • Has the right to enrole and revoke the role as Participant Contact of any project participant in the consortium.
  • Has the right to enrole and revoke the role as Coordinator Contact, Task manager and Task member within the Prim. CoCo’s organisation.
  • By default the person/organisation stated as coordinator in the grant agreement.
  • Only 1 Prim. CoCo in the consortium.

CoCo (Coordinator Contact):

  • As prim. CoCo

PaCo (Participant Contact):

  • Can enrole the role as participant contact to other persons in the organisation.
  • Has the right to enrole and revoke the role as Task manager and Task member within the organisation.
  • Can read and change the e-forms of the organisation.
  • Can upload deliverables.
  • By default one of the persons of each partner stated in the proposal.
  • Only 5 PaCos in the consortium.

Task manager (decide for yourself if you find it necessary to use this role):

  • Can make drafts and upload forms and deliverables of the organisation.

Team members (decide for yourself if you find in necessary to use this role):

  • Can only read the documents of the organisation.


  • Can sign FORM C electronically.
  • Can be appointed by LEAR (see below)
  • Is affiliated to the project by a PaCo.
  • No upper limit for how many FSIGNs can be appointed. However, only one has to sign the Form C.

Organisation level roles

LEAR (Legal Entity Appointed Representative);

  • Appointed by the organisation
  • Is the link between the organisation and the European Commission
  • Can submit:Legal data
  • Indirect cost method
  • Appoints FSIGN

AA (Account Administrator);

  • Appointed by LEAR
  • Supports LEAR in the management of the organisation data.