Recruitment – Employment contract

Requirements for the contract/agreement – between beneficiary and researcher

– The agreement shall determine, in accordance with the grant agreement, the conditions for implementing the initial training activities and the respective rights and obligations of the researcher and the beneficiary under the project.

– The grant agreement including any possible amendment shall be annexed to the agreement!

Personal Career Development Plan where applicable.

– The agreement must be kept by the beneficiary for the purposes of audit. To be designed with the supervisor. Must include:

– Short and long-term career objectives.

– Training needs including complementary skills

– Within 20 days from the signature of the agreement, the beneficiary shall submit, through the relevant electronic system indicated by REA, a declaration on the conformity of this agreement with this grant agreement.

– Notwithstanding specific issues already governed by European Community and European Union legislation, the agreement shall specify in particular:

  • the name of the scientist(s) in charge of supervising
  • the initial training activities as well as a description (abstract) of these activities when a Personal Career Development Plan is not required
  • the amounts that the researcher is entitled to receive from the beneficiary pursuant to this grant agreement and the arrangements for payment of the amounts due to the researcher
  • any additional contribution paid by the beneficiary to the researcher for the purpose of this project and the arrangements for payment of this amount
  • any amount deducted, subject to a legal justification (minimum yearly gross income and mobility allowance for Marie Curie researcher see here: – page 3)
  • that, the researcher shall not be allowed to receive, for the activities carried out in the frame of the project, other incomes than those received from the beneficiary pursuant to points b) and c) of this paragraph;
  • the conversion and exchange rate(s) used, including the reference date(s) and source(s), when payments are made in a national currency other than the Euro
  • the law applicable to the agreement
  • the social security coverage provided to the researcher, in conformity with Article III.2.2.c)
  • the provisions for annual and sickness leave according to the internal rules of the beneficiary
  • that the researcher must devote him/herself full-time to his/her initial training activities unless there are duly justified reasons connected to personal or family circumstances;
  • the description and the timetable for the implementation of the initial training

For more details see Annex III.