Declaration on the Conformity

Declaration on the Conformity is a part of the reporting and should be sent for each newly recruited and seconded researcher as soon as possible and no more than 20 days after appointment of the researcher.

  • The declaration asks for legal information such as: Name of researcher, experience (Early stage, Experienced, More Experienced), and the type of contract (Employment contract, Fixed amount stipend).
  • Other information about the researcher like gender, year if birth etc. will be asked for and used by the Commission ONLY for statistical reasons and this WILL NOT BE a part of the final declaration document.
  • The final declaration should be submitted via Participant Portal, You can read about how to access the Participant Portal here. Be aware that you need have a personal login.
  • The Project Officer in the EC will be notified by email as soon as the declaration is submitted via the Participant Portal by any beneficiary.

(For more details see page 10 in this link


How to find the Declaration on the Conformity:

When you are registered (ECAS) and logged in (Participant Portal) do as follows:

1. Enter “My projects”

Screen 1

2. Enter “EScoDNA” (left side on above picture)

– A new page opens:

Screen 2

3. Choose “Documents” in the left hand sidebar (picture below):

Screen 3

4. After choosing “Declaration on the Conformity” as ‘Document type’ (if not already done) and your institution/company as ‘Participant’ push “Create New Document” (picture below). Then you are ready to fill in the Declaration on the Conformity.

Screen 4