Financial Report – FORM C

1. Check list before filling in the FORM C

  1. Does the one who will be filling in the FORM C have an ECAS account?
  2. Is the person who will be filling in the FORM C connected to the EScoDNA project on the Participant Portal?
    1. Otherwise add (or have Lise add) this person to the project.
  3. Has a FSIGN been appointed at your your institution/company?*
    1. FSIGN can be appointed by the LEAR or Participant Contact (PaCo) in the Participant Portal
    2. FSIGN signs your FORM C

Now follow step 2-13 on the following pages!

*Please contact Lise (, if you are in doubt of how to appoint a specific role to a person.

2. Log in to the Participant Portal (use this link)


3. Push ‘My Project(s)’ under ‘MY AREA’


 4. Opening the Financial Report



 5. Opening your FORM C



6. Fill in the FORM C (see item # 7-10)



5a7. Fill in the FORM C

Fill in the white fields in the table:

Click the field and add:

  • the amount
  • an explanation
  • which work package(s) the expense relates to.
  1. Cost Category 1 (C1)
    1. Living Allowance (see item # 8)
  2. Cost Category 2 (C2)
    1. Mobility Allowance (see item # 9)
  3. Cost Category 3 (C3)
    1. ‘Research & Training related costs’ (see item # 10)
  4. Cost Category 4 (C4)
    1. ‘Management related costs’ (see item # 11)
  5. Cost Category 5 (C5)
    1. ‘Contribution to overheads’ (see item # 12)


5a1+28. Fill in the FORM C (Cost Category 1+ 2)

  • Amounts paid to the fellows in the present reporting period*.
  • Only one total amount is necessary for C1 and C2, respectively.

*Consult your research support office (or the like), or auditor at your institution/company, on what amounts should be put in the table in this kind of report.

Procedures are different country- and institution/company-wise.




5a3 9. Fill in the FORM C (Cost Category 3)

  • The number to fill in here is €1800 multiplied by the number of fellow months implemented by the specific partner institution/company in the present reporting period:
    • LMU
      • ESR4+5: (19.5+19.5) months x €1800
    • TUM
      • ESR6+7: (17+17) months x €1800
    • KI
      • ESR8+9: (14+21) months x €1800
    • UOXF
      • ESR10+11+14: (16+16+16.5) months x €1800
    • VIP
      • ESR12+ER1: (16+12) months x €1800
    • BAS
      • ESR13+ER2: (17+12) months x €1800

5a4 10. Fill in the FORM C (Cost Category 4)

  • Salary for person dedicated to assist with administrative, legal or financial management of the EScoDNA project
  • Fee to external independent auditor for submitting mandatory certificates on the financial statements
  • Participation in mid-term review meeting (includes the fee paid to Oxford and travel expenses for both partners and fellows attending the meeting on 31 Aug to 2 Sep 2014)
  • Portion of the salary of the scientist-in charge corresponding to reasonable time spent on administration (i.a. maintenance of consortium agreement, overall legal, ethical, financial and administrative management, obtaining the certificates on the financial statements and costs relating to financial audits and technical reviews)

Remember that Cost Category 4 is a real Cost Category. Therefore full records of expenditure within this category must be retained and provided to the European Commission (or any person/organisation acting on its behalf) upon request. For any salary costs charged to Cost Category 4, timesheets must be completed and retained.

For more details about Cost Category 4 read here.

 5a511. Fill in the FORM C (Cost Category 5)

  • Contribution for overhead, which is calculated in the following way:
    • (C1+C2+C3+C4) * 0.1 = C5






 5b12. Fill in the FORM C (Bottom section)

  1. Disregard (leave blank), unless you have received financial transfers in kind or the project has generated any income.
  2. Disregard (leave blank)
  3. Disregard (leave blank)
  4. Only to be filled in by AU and UOXF who will have spent more than €375000. Others: Disregard (leave blank)
  5. Name of FSIGN (automatically prefilled, when FSIGN accesses the FORM C)


 13. Submit the FORM C to the coordinator

  • When you submit the FORM C it will not be send to the European Commission immediately.
  • It will then be visible to the coordinator (Lise and Kurt).
    • Before the final submission to the European Commission it will be possible to revoke your FORM C in case of errors!
  • Lise and Kurt will send all of the FORM C’s along with the scientific report in a ‘single package’ to the European Commission.