Secondments – organising

As for any other PhD student it is always important to plan your secondments as early as possible, as it can be very difficult to find accommodation depending on where you are going. As an example, at AU it is a part of the general training as a PhD student to do as much as possible of the organizing of secondments yourself.

Many institutions have a local international center/office, which can help you as a visiting student/researcher in organizing accommodation etc.

However, some institutions do not provide this service, and in these cases it is crucial that you contact the EScoDNA fellows employed at the place of secondment as soon as you know of your approximate time of stay. We must help each other and those employed at your place of secondment may know who to contact or which webpage to attend in order for you to find the information you need.

Need help to organise practicalities re. secondments?

There is a page in Lise’s space on the EScoDNA Lab-Wiki (, where the contact persons at each EScoDNA partner are listed, who you could start by turning to. Useful links are also inserted by the partner institutions, however, please add any kind of additional tips and/or links you may have, which could be useful to other EScoDNA fellows.

If you in some way are stuck in the process of organizing your secondment, feel free to contact Lise ( and she will do her best to help you.